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Pemiscot County Career & Technology Center

1317 West Highway 84
Hayti, MO  63851
Phone: (573)359-2601
Fax: (573)359-1317


Program Breakdown:

All Training Programs at PCCTC are broken down into eight separate modules. This module system allows students the flexibility of entry into the program at any module.
Module 1 - Basic Welding Skills: Safety/O.S.H.A approved training, Storage of Flammables, Reference Charts and Books, Math/Geometry in Welding. Students will undergo a 10 hour OSHA approved course. (Morning Class)

Module 2 - Print Reading: Read and Interpret Basic Prints, Interpret Welding Symbols and Abbreviations, Construct Welds Using Print Designs, Interpret Shapes, Sizes and Weights

Module 3 - Oxy-Fuel Cutting: Safety Procedures, ID, Selection and Setup of Oxy Equipment, Braze Weld Different Metals and Positions, Demonstrate Elements of Good Fusion, CNC Operated Plasma Cutting

Module 4 - Shielded Metal Arc Welding I: Safety Procedures, ID, Select and Set Current, Welding Problems-Causes and Corrections

Module 5 - Shielded Metal Arc Welding II: Safety Procedures, Proper Electrode Selection, Welding Practices (Flat, Horizontal, Vertical and Overhead). Students will have the opportunity to earn a American Welding Society Level 1 Certificate.

Module 6 - Gas Metal Arc Welding: Safety Procedures, Select and Setup Equipment, Welding Practices (Flat, Horizontal, Vertical and Overhead)

Module 7 - Metallurgy & Heat Training: Safety Procedures, Setup Plasma Cutting and Carbon Arc Equipment, Methods of Testing Metals

Module 8 - Plasma Cutting and Carbon Arc Equipment: Safety Procedures, Select and Setup Equipment, Introduction to Welding Processes, Senior Project, Internship.