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Pemiscot County Career & Technology Center

1317 West Highway 84
Hayti, MO  63851
Phone: (573)359-2601
Fax: (573)359-1317

Automotive Technology
Program Breakdown:

The Automotive Technology program is broken down into eight separate modules that allow students the flexibility of entry into the program at any module.
Module 1: Introduction to Automotive Technology Brakes, Diagnosis and Repair of Brake Systems (Hydraulics, Disc and Power)

Module 2: Suspension and Steering Systems, Diagnose and Repair of Front and Rear Suspension Systems Along With Steering Systems

Module 3: Manual Drive Train/Transaxle Diagnosis and Repair of Manual Transmission/Transaxle, Drive Shaft, Differential and Four Wheel Drive

Module 4: Automatic Transmission/Transaxles, In-Vehicle and Off Vehicle Transmission/Transaxle Diagnosis, and Maintenance

Module 5: Engine Repair, Diagnose and Repair of automotive engines

Module 6: Electrical Systems, Learning All Aspects of Automotive Electrical Systems

Module 7: Engine Performance, Learning the obstacles in attaining Optimum, Engine Performance and Hoe to attain Maximum Engine Performance

Module 8: Heating and Air-Conditioning, Complete Assessments of the Heating an Air-Conditioning Systems in Vehicles