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Pemiscot County Career & Technology Center

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Basic Skills


Program Breakdown:

The Basic Skills instructor is responsible for administering our school test to every student entering the career center (excluding Missouri Options (GED) students and paying adults) and a posttest to all graduating seniors. The only seniors not being tested will be the exempt students which have mastered 90% or above upon arriving at the Career Center. The skillsbank test is given to determine areas of strengths and weaknesses. The student is electronically tested and mastery of the test is 80%. If below 80%, then the student will be tutored with an individualized instructional program created by skillsbank. The exam includes: reading, language, writing, mathematics, consumer science, referencing, maps, charts, and graphs.

The Basic Skills Instructor is also responsible for working with other students, whether it be tutoring or any other help they may need. The Basic Skills instructor must work closely with all teachers and the VRE (Vocational Resource Educator) to meet the needs of the Career Center students
Additional Information: The Basic Skills classroom is located in the Pemiscot County Career and Technology Center. Support Services which is provided for handicapped, disadvantaged, (including limited English proficiency) Single parent/homemaker, and nontraditional male or female students can be found in the Basic Skills manual in the Basic Skills Classroom.