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Pemiscot County Career & Technology Center

1317 West Highway 84
Hayti, MO  63851
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Agriculture Structures &

 Construction Trades


Program Breakdown:

The Agriculture program is broken down into one morning period and one afternoon period.  Each class is a quarter long course.  The program is a four semester course and students may enter at any semester.

Agriculture Structures Year 1 Morning Session


Agriculture Mechanics I:  FFA Knowledge, Common Tools and Usage - Woodworking - and Arc Welding, Start FFA Handbook, Start SAE Program (Supervised)


Agriculture Mechanics II:  Advanced Techniques From Ag. Mech. I, Welding, Oxy Fuel Welding, Plan Reading and Interpretation


Agriculture Structures I:  Working With Plans, Basic Building Construction, Building With Wood


Agriculture Construction I:  Arc Welding, Oxy Acetylene Cutting



Agriculture Structures Year 2 Afternoon Session

Agriculture Structures II:  Electricity and Electrical Procedures, Plumbing Procedures, Working With Concrete


Agriculture Construction II:  Construction Welding, MIG Welding, Oxy Acetylene Welding, Project Construction


Agriculture Machinery and Small Engines:  Trouble Shooting and Repair of Small Engines, Repair of Agriculture Machinery


Landscaping and Turf Management (W\Option of Internship):  Covers Careers in Landscaping, How Plants Grow, Landscape and Turf Identification, - Installation and care of Plants